The Campus:
The institute is situated outer location of city, in Ahmedabad containing exclusively educational environment, provides all the basics like intellectual, alterness, creativity, burning desire and competitiveness for learning.

The Lecture hall:
The lecture hall is well furnished and completely airy, spacious, providing hygenic condition with sitting arrangement for better learning.

The Assembly hall:
The assembly hall is well equipped with all modern systems and having capacity of 200 students.

The Method Rooms:
All method rooms in our institute have well furnished and providing comfortable sitting arrangement for 100 students.

The Library:
The institute is enriched with all kind of books including reference books, magazines, journals, encyclopedia to various branches of education different methods of teaching and having different library for each department.

The Information Technology Lab:
The institute is enriched with all latest technology regarding teaching like modern computer, Internet services, multimedia device etc. trainees use these facilities preparing teaching aids for their lessons.

The Science lab:
The institute has well established science lab having different practical tools related to science subject, charts, slides, microscope and chemicals required for practical.

ET Lab:
The institute has well equipped with latest technologies lab needs of the students. ET Lab having TV, VCD Player, Tape recorder etc.

The Psychology Lab:
The Psychology Lab is having manuals tests, charts, models etc. related PTC syllabus.

The Play Ground:
The institute has a big playground with trees planted on all the sides with the facility of indoor and outdoor games.

The Sports Room:
The institute has sport room for indoor and outdoor games.

The Girls Room:
The institute has well ventilated and separate rooms for girls.